Monday, October 31, 2011

RIP Tony the Cichlid

It was close to 12 o'clock. I was playing FIFA 12 when suddenly I heard a shaking noise from inside my aquarium. It was Tony! He was flipping out! He was helplessly swimming sideways, like he was unable to maintain his balance. He kept on flicking the plastic walls of the aquarium and the pebbles. I was afraid because I saw one thing in his eyes - death. I was in a panic so the first thing that came to mind was to get him out of there and into a white container supposedly for fishing baits we used long time ago. I scooped him out of there and put him in a fresh tapwater atmosphere. He was still trying to maintain his balance. I looked on - without a thought of saving his life and more to witnessing his endless suffering. It seemed like he was possessed or something. I quickly opened up my mini guide book on fish health and tried to look up what was the problem. He was breathing rapidly too! Must be a gill infection or something, but a few days before this happened, he was swimming healthily. Maybe it's the new solution I put in. He was also having a skin decay on the left side of his body.

Before he stopped his breathing, he was upside down and a few seconds later, he was deceased. My first ever fish this year and this tragic accident happens. I shouldn't have poured in the new solution. He could've still survived. Now, all there's left in my tank are my two Yellow Cichlids and a sucker fish. I guess I've to take it easy on these few and see how it goes with careful feeding and make sure the water quality isn't as bad as it's going to look. :'(

It was very sad to see him die like that. What more to say when I flushed him down the toilet. He didn't deserve to die like that. He deserved a proper burial - like among the plants on my balcony. He was worth $12. He was also a marvelous type of fish I've ever seen with his primarily metallic blue colour. YOU WILL BE MISSED, TONY!

RIP Tony the Electric Blue Cichlid

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