Sunday, October 02, 2011

We will all float on okay.

I am currently with Fikri, Fathul, Afiq and Amin in Gadong. First, Afiq had his car washed. We left it be and headed to The Mall. We had lunch at West Street Cafe. I didn't eat thought. Only had a Coke Float. It's been a while since I last had one. After that, I decided to shop for a jacket. I even bought one actually - a brown jacket. After a 30% discount, I only had to pay $34. There was this one dark blue jacket which cost at a fixed price of $23 after a 50% discount, but I already have that colour.

After buying my jacket, they went to fetch their car at the car wash while me and Amin headed to ZaZa Saloon. He looks gayer than ever now! :D Now we're sending him home and continue our cruise. Hopefully I'll update more later. Before I forget:

Happy belated 16th Birthday to Nurhafizah Hamzah!
I hope you're doing well. Take good care of yourself in whatever you're doing now. Study smart and live a healthy lifestyle! May Allah bless you always.

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