Monday, June 27, 2011

Asteroid to zip past Earth.

An asteroid will have a close encounter with Earth on Monday night, according to NASA. But there's no need to to worry, as it would not pose any threats to our homeland, its Near-Earth Object Program Office said. The newly discovered space rock - dubbed 2011 MD - will pass 12,000km above Earth's surface over the southern Atlantic Ocean at about 6:30 PDT (9.30pm in Malaysia). Theasteroid, measures 10m-long, was discovered a few days ago by telescopes in New Mexico, US. Scientists say asteroids this size sail past Earth every six years. The asteroid will briefly be bright enough to be spotted with telescopes in Southeast Asia, East China, Australia and Japan, as well as areas near the Antarctica. Source: AP

Got this from Madam Marilyn Mui. This will be a beautiful sight to see! Also, an experience to go through! Remember, guys: 9:30 PM in Malaysia so it'll be around that time.

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