Sunday, June 05, 2011

We got 'em!

Today is crazy! Omar, Malik and I were late for training. I told them that we're coming around 2 PM. Instead, we arrived just a couple of minutes to 4! But it's okay! Training resumed as normal.

We ordered pizzas as our night meal. Tayib took care of the bill. Thanks, man! We played Black Ops the whole way. If you were here, you'd imagine our wild and witty remarks. We emerged victorious against the AI. Score limit was 30000 and we were so close to losing. I thought we had no hope because when they were leading with a scoreline of 25k, we were just stuck in 17k. Unbelievably, we got 'em good! We sticked together in a corner and shot down anyone who dared to pass through. Good game, guys! 'Til next time! Last kill was thanks to Omar's RC. Hehehe!

Sorry for not posting up a little much more. My head is spinning right now. Update you guys soon! Take care and have a good Monday ahead!

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