Monday, June 20, 2011

I miss you so damn much.

I've been thinking lately: Why are we still not speaking to each other? Because I haven't done anything harsh or cruel to you that has made us like this. I wish I could find another way to properly speak with you, or better yet, the guts to. I'm afraid that what I may say would startle you and we would go back to square one - like now. I don't mean to sound so desperate, but honestly, I am not living well at the moment with us hanging about like this. I know I have made mistakes, but please see that I'm aching here. You deserve an apology (though I know I already did). I did you wrong. I was completely lost and confused and I was too blind to see that I was ahead of myself and you were just trying to enjoy this beautiful life as it should be. These times are hard. Wish I could make it easier.

Don't give up on me... :/

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