Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sushi Kings.

It has been a great day indeed! We made our cancelled Miri trip on Wednesday happen today! All thanks to Afiq for using his car to drive the long miles and for reaching our destination safely. Even Malai tagged along. We drove out a little bit early today, probably around 11, because Afiq had to service his car which was in Tutong after picking up Fathul and Fikri.

We reached Miri around 2 o'clock. We were hungry so we decided to eat at Sushi King. I clearly remember us waiting for an hour for the weekday 20% promotion which starts at 3 PM 'til 5 PM. We still had a couple of more minutes to spare so we went to Toys'R'Us to buy "Malai's toy". She bought the "Bop It" thingy. I'm sure most of you know of it. It's a fun toy to play with! First time playing it too! The gist of the game is to do what the toy commands you to do. For example; it says, "Twist it". Then you'll have to twist one of the parts respectively. It's just that, when you incorrectly do it, you have start all over again. Another cool thing: It holds a high score! Hahaha.

It was already 3 PM so we headed down to Sushi King. To be honest, I ate quite a lot! I'm sure the guys did too! Similar to the 'shop 'til you drop' kind of thing. Hahaha. I only carried RM200+ and thankfully, it only costed less. What more on its 20% discount. We didn't do much after that. Headed home around 6 - 7. Meeting point was at Fathul's dad's place in Tutong.

I just remembered that the birthday boy, Dindin, was having a BBQ party at his place. Afiq and Fathul parked their cars in Kiulap and we waited for Malai to pick us up and go there in a single ride. There were a lot of people. I've seen and met familiar and unfamiliar faces; Hafiz, Geez, Rastamann, Haji, Memet, Dayat etc. Good to know the guys are in good health, just enjoying themselves throughout the party. I wasn't really hungry so I didn't touch even a food there. Only drank because I was really thirsty from all the singing in the cars on our way back home from Miri. We didn't stay long and so, we went home. I hope to see any of you guys again in the near future!

I feel so tired from all that eating and walking and joking about uncontrollably in the car along the way. I'm hoping for a good night's sleep tonight. So.. good night, guys! Thanks for reading!

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