Sunday, June 12, 2011

Night's still young.

Zul has finally finished his examinations and is now in a holiday mood! I hope you did good in all the papers you sat for! Anyway, last two nights, Fathul, Fikri and I crashed over at his place after an endless night of jokes and laughs. We may have had a mere misunderstanding between us, but it's all good now. It's been a long time since I stepped foot inside THE house. The one house where I spent most of my good and bad moments. We joked around just like old times, but thing is, he slept early because he had somewhere to go today. I've got to admit, we were really on a joking streak last night. Good times! We should do that again sometime! Perhaps another sleepover soon? :3

I went to Badj's restaurant in Jerudong for the first time last night. I could've gone to her place earlier last year, but I was too busy. The food is good! It's a chill place. Small, yet relaxing. Not too shabby, I'd say! Right now, I'm at Omar's place. I'm just thankful that I'm in a place where there's wireless. Finally I get my hands working on some typing and clicking. Now, I'm waiting for Mr. Roux whom I think is on his way here. Don't worry. Night is still young!

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