Sunday, May 29, 2011

F I R E works.

Fathul and Malai brought me out yesterday. We went to Gadong before, but there's not much to talk about anyway. During the night, we went to the waterfront in Bandar that Harith and Muhyi had been talking about in the evening. The place was crowded! Parkings were all full except for narrow spaces - unless you want to squeeze in and block other cars from getting out. For us, we parked at the Metro parking just in front of the cemetery. The entrance and exit was smooth. We picked up a spot just near by the roadside. When the fireworks started, people started to take out their mobile phones to video record, cameras to snap shots while others just enjoyed the beautiful night with their families and friends gazing above. I video recorded the fireworks! And.. I actually have no idea why though, but oh well.

(I wish I had a better camera, but I think these are good enough.)

After it was over, we went to Kiulap to meet up with Fikri and Nieza. They had a mini belated dinner party to attend. I don't know - for one of Nieza's friends, I think. Fikri joined us and we decided to go Gadong with Nieza when Fikri saw another set of fireworks while stopping at a traffic. We cancelled our plan to go Gadong and went back to Bandar instead. Traffic was heavy. In the end, we went round and round. I also don't know why we did, but it was fun!

They're sleeping over and we're staying up to watch Manchester United's match against FC Barcelona. I can't wait to watch it! (Better make use of the Astro in my room while it is still there!) Hehehe! May the best team win! Go United.. I mean, Barcelona! :3

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