Sunday, May 22, 2011

From Honeystar with love.

Happy birthday to Zai'emah Zaini!
(I still don't remember where to put that apostrophe. It's either in front or behind the letter E, or none at all! Silly me.) The person whom I used to share my laughs with when I was a lonely boy. She was there through my up's and down's. I still remember when I "put on ze hideous make-up and she klint for me". I miss the good old times already! I hope we can catch up sooner or later! As I mentioned on Twitter, have a blissful day ahead. May Allah bless you always with health and prosperity. Love you always even though we don't really see each other anymore. Just know that I'll forever be your honeystar in your beloved warm heart.

And also;

Happy birthday to Pearl Hii!

I didn't get to come to your farewell party or to send you off at the airport. I hope you're doing great there in Taiwan! Have a jolly good day! God bless you always.

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