Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bad morning.

I got off to an unfortunate start in the morning, at the same time, in the early minutes of our Commerce test. I really needed to take a dump. I couldn't hold it in so I had no choice but to ask for a quick permission. I walked a long way to the cleanest toilet there which is approximately a 5-minute journey. First, I hesitated and went into the nearest toilet which is near the gymnasium, but the door locks were damaged. Like, even though you slide the locks, you still can open it. I couldn't possibly take a dump while the door is hanging loose, right? Thank goodness I got to the teacher's toilet in time. I speed walked my way through and ran a few metres, but who's counting. I don't know if students like me are allowed to enter or not. I don't care. When I have to go, it means I have to go. I wouldn't want to shit myself in front of everyone.

Anyway, Commerce was alright! Although I didn't revise much, I pretty much used common sense. As for the calculations, I may have read through last night, but only three to four questions and just memorize which one goes which. I forgot to bring my calculator. Thanks to Sahrul, I was able to do most of the complicated calculations. I hope all of us did good! Honestly, it is an easy paper and I'm confident that I'll pass.

Oh yes! I wonder what's up with one of the teachers there? I'll not mention any names, but she is the one who seem to have PMS everyday. Getting angry for no reason. She didn't even reply my greet! She shooed Ashif away. I met up with her because I wanted to ask for an early dismissal. I told her that I was going to walk and she didn't believe me. She's got issues, I tell you. Whatever then. My morning turned out to be bad.

I'm home now. I had my lunch in school already. Now to think of something to do other than to procrastinate the whole day through. Well, have a good Friday ahead, guys!

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