Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Lady robbed outside Ayamku.

I was shocked to hear the news when my friend, Yusree, retweeted Rano's tweet (above) regarding a lady worker who got mugged just outside of Ayamku in Gadong which happened around 3 PM this afternoon - and in broad daylight too! What more to say about rumours mentioning the victim's death. One of my friends said that the robber got away with 20k worth of money! Lucky bastard. Honestly, that lady should've brought along at least two of her workers along with her, or this would've never happened. That robber wouldn't have set his eyes on her and gone in for the kill -- or should I say, "steal". He's going to hell, for sure. Lol. You can check out the official Ranoadidas website for more information.

All sorts of things have happened to Brunei already. Smugglers, murder cases, fire etc. What is wrong with the bad people in this country..

You heard the man.

Apa-apa ani, mesti chill~

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