Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hello again, clown!

Today, I had my Geography and Bahasa Melayu tests. I almost went brain dead when I went through the questions in Geography because I didn't revise enough. You know, in the middle of the paper, I asked one of my friends for the time. He flashed his watch at me and I thougt it was "9:46"! The test finished at 10 and so I scribbled my way through. Apparently, I saw the time wrongly and in fact, I was still an hour early. But I think I included some of the points for volcanic activity. As for Bahasa Melayu, the paper wasn't so bad after all. I did what the teacher taught me for the summary and also, the passage where you need to modernize the old Malay language. I hope I won't disappoint my Malay teacher!

Anyway, the most unexpected thing happened tonight! One of my long lost friend left a message on Facebook and from there, we finally got in touch again! She remembered me as her cheerleader and she as my clown. How long has it been -- 4? 5 years? I was surprised! She's in PTEM now. Also, Ajin's friend. That's how she reached me on Facebook, I guess. Looking forward to another decent conversation!

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