Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Double the fun!

Had an exciting day in school today. I got acquainted with some of Ashif's friends there. Luckily there was a guitar and playing cards to help me get acquainted. I wanted to play futsal, but I didn't want to get sweaty. Lol. I guess the next step is to wait for my first debut in either the "canteen" or the "arena". (As mentioned by Sharin) :P

I was in the middle of working out today when suddenly Fikri texted me up. He told me that he's in Gadong with Nieza and also about the new arrival of the "golden" Timberland shoes. I've wanted that golden pair for since the day I bought the pair of dark browns! Nieza came over a couple of minutes later to fetch me - Fathul was there too! Okay. So about the pair of Timbaland: It cost around $150 so Fikri and I split 50/50. [Buy 1, free 1.] Yes, we bought the same colour because I remember us making a promise to buy that pair of shoes together some time back. After buying the shoes, we went shopping in Jaya Hypermart. I bought myself a new pair of gray jeans, a Stewie boxer shorts and a new pair of football stockings while Fikri bought a new pair of black jeans. Only spent below $30 only for those items. Good stuff! Eventually, Malai tagged along from there.

Since today's Tuesday, we went to Pizza Hut for its Double Tuesday! One pan of Honey Garlic Chicken and another pan of Tuna Delight. I didn't eat any of the HGC because I was craving for tuna. Four slices were already enough to fill this stomach of mine. Besides, I've eaten two slices in Nieza's car. Another dinner filled with laughter; especially from Nieza and Malai. They were talking about the Hantu Kak Limah movie and laughed out uncontrollably as if nobody was there to see them! But I don't think nobody cared anyways. Thanks for the outing, guys! Made my day/night.

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