Friday, May 20, 2011

At Stranger Tides.

I had a great day with Omar and Ashif today. We watched Pirates of the Carribean: At Stranger Tides and I have to say it was hilarious! I realized that there were less battles and more to comedy. Johnny Depp really has his ways of making people laugh. I admire his role as Captain Jack Sparrow. I was wondering where's Orlando Bloom though. But nonetheless, it's a must-watch movie for all! As I made my way out of the cinema, I was surprised to see Karim and Jabar along with their school friends. It seemed like they were on a school trip or some sort. Dayat was also there. Nice to see you too!

We had McDonald's for dinner. I met up with Myron, Aaron, Steven and the rest of the guys there. Myron had a bruise on his chin because of the fight during one of the nights. He even showed me the video. I could see Fathul and Fikri witnessing it. Even Zim. Lol. Syam walked in unexpectedly. He just got out from tuition. After that, we went to Coffeebean. Surprisingly, I bumped into Dindin and Hazwan.

I had no ride home so I followed Omar's cousin, Dookie. (I still have no idea what his real name is.) Thanks! He wanted a take-away from McDonald's so we went there again. There was this guy who had a green lizard on his right shoulder. I thought it was fake, but believed it was not after seeing it move its head. I wonder why he went out with a darn lizard on him. Anyway, everything's good. Met lots of people today. It was a pleasure to have met you guys!

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