Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Settling down.

Thank goodness for an unsecured network that I can "borrow". Whoever you are owning this 'linksys' network; thanks a bunch!

Things are finally settling down. We're temporarily staying over at our grandfather's place now. Mom is thinking of moving to a new place for the safety and comfort for us. Dad is doing fine; Alhamdulillah. She said that she has already gotten an apartment in Bandar. I don't know if I might like the new place. It's just across SOASC and SMJA. My mom said it's just fine for our kind of family to stay there. She even said that we could get an internet connection installed. I hope that things could go on smoothly ever since that unexpected incident in my old home. Well, I'll update more if I have the chance to. Thanks for reading, guys!

To all my friends who have supported me, thank you as well! None can replace this kind of support I've been receiving now.

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