Sunday, July 24, 2011

Engagement + Birthday = SUPER FUN.

I should've posted this last night, but I was too busy! I spent most of my time in Fidz's bedroom chatting to Barizah. It was nice talking to you again! Until next time, yes? Okay. So first of all, I'd like to congratulate my aunt, Nurshahreena Hussain, for getting engaged! I pray for guys to live the (soon) married life filled with happiness and joy. The best is yet to come! Also, a very happy birthday to my look-alike aunt, Zubaidah Hussain! I hope she enjoyed her birthday last night although it wasn't very much celebrated, but I'm sure she enjoyed it with the people she loves. I love you always, Abby!

Anyway, yesterday before going to the function, I went hiking with Harith Waie and Ashif at Tasek Lama. We hiked until Bukit Sarang Helang. I wanted to go to further into Bukit Markuching, but it was getting late. We spent an hour and a half hiking, but if it wasn't for the rest stops, we could've gone out earlier. After we finished hiking, we went to jog for a couple of rounds. We even bumped into Haji Khaliq and his friend! Good to see a jogging buddy! I look forward to another jog/hike and maybe this time, with more company. Thanks for reading! :)

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