Saturday, July 09, 2011

BRIDEX 2011.

I thought I was going to miss this year's BRIDEX event. Turns out that I went there with Fikri and Nieza earlier this morning! Honestly, it was worth the money spent! Today marks BRIDEX's last day and I'm glad I could witness everything wonderful again there. It started on July 6th already. Plus, the last BRIDEX, I think, was in 2009 - with Memet and a friend of his (I forgot his name). Just this time, I got to see tiny parachutists from afar, incredible field performances, intriguing vehicle presentations and a fantastic airshow! Every bit of action was beautiful! I still can't believe I was there today. Oh! Before we walked our way in, we gave up our lighters. Hahaha. Got 'em back though. O:)

The weather was very hot! Should've brought an umbrella along, but I'd hate to get my hands full. My favourite part was when the jet fighters synchronized, leaving smoke trails behind them, spiraled their way up high in the sky and dropped dead from a high altitude. I mean, how on earth could they manage to fly down in a really fast speed? Bet it's a whole lot scarier than I would expect it! I'd be sh*tting my pants already! I heard one of the pilots was a woman. If it's true, then she is one hell of a brave pilot! Cool stuff. Other than that, the exhibitions inside were still the same, I guess. To those who are going there today, have lots of fun! I can't wait for next year's BRIDEX.

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