Monday, July 04, 2011

But I guess that's the way it goes.

It's been two days since the entrepreneurship fair that was being held in St. Andrew's School and I totally forgot to blog about it! Man, have I left this blog for quite a while or what? It's been a week and today, I just feel like blogging my brains out. So what happened during the fair... (I only remember bits and pieces so I hope it helps!)

It was on a fine relaxing Saturday. I didn't go to school though because I didn't manage to wake up around 6 o'clock. My mom did wake me up around 9, which was already close to break time, so I just went back to sleep until the afternoon. I was planning to walk to St. Andrew's, but Mu'izzah, to my surprise, was still at home. She said that Hakiim didn't wake her up or something. Anyway, instead of walking to school, I decided to just follow my mom.

I wore my SOAS uniform (just so people would know that I came directly from school :P) and, somehow, felt nervous. But I thought to myself: What's there to be nervous of? It's my old school and I was bound to meet some old friends there and from other schools as well. To be honest, this year's fair wasn't as lively as before, but the attention I got was joyful and way better than last year's! I caught up with dozens of good 'ol pals! Apparently, the school hall wasn't really crowded compared to last year's. They set up only on the sides of the hall and not even one in the middle. They did have lots of HDTVs. I was impressed! But this year, they had Terry Wong to put on Spongebob Squarepants' costume. Who ever came up with this idea had a great mind for entertaining the little ones!

I didn't buy any food. I only bought a Milo shake which was from Hakiim's stall. Hehehe. As for the others I couldn't bother to at least buy something so pardon me if I've not given any interest in your stalls. I was thirsty, not hungry. Besides, Hakiim's stall was right at the entrance of the anteroom so why not. Also, I only had one chance to play a game of Black Ops with "the naughtiest boy of 2004", Aziz Sabtu. (He said it himself. NOT ME! O:)) It was close to 3 o'clock and the others already had somewhere to go rather than staying a little bit longer. It's alright. At least we got the chance to hang out - together! Thank you, guys! You know who you are whom I've spoken to!

Most importantly, she was there - so stunning looking that I could barely miss a second thinking about her. But who am I kidding? An angel in disguise, indeed. Miss Hui Hui was there too! We spoke a little, but then she went home without notice! :@ Hahaha! It's okay. 'Til next time!

Well, I think that's just about this year's entrepreneurship fair. I'd go on, but unfortunately, I'm having a backache now. Yes, I'm blogging with my mobile phone. It's not really fun, but as long as it posts successfully! (I thought I said that I felt like blogging my brains out. Oh well..) Thanks for reading, guys! ^_^

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