Friday, July 29, 2011

Better safe than sorry.

I had so much fun with Omar, Harith Waie and Ashif yesterday. First, we had lunch at Jolibee in Batu Satu. Since it was in one building with Utama Bowling, we decided to go bowling. It's been a long time. The first game was alright. All of us played well, but when it came to the second game, we sucked real bad! Also, in the second game, all of us hit 9 pins! So much for lucky strikes. Only Omar and I could get a strike. Hahaha!

(T-B: Jiff, Why, Day & Gaygod)

After bowling, we went to Gadong to pick up Omar's new spectacles. We were about to play pool at BRS or something after that, but it was full up. We went to Fullcan in Mata-mata instead. We played for an hour and a half. Two funny things happened: One; I confidently tried to put in a striped ball, but had the white one bounced in the hole instead. Two; I got off on the wrong floor when we were supposed to go to the Ground floor. The two Filipinos laughed when Harith laughed. Yeah, yeah. They had their laughs, alright. I don't mind.....

After that, I was sent to Fathul's place (Thanks, Jiff!) to have an indoor BBQ which was eventually cancelled because the box on which the grill was placed caught fire. The thick smoke was very strong that it burned Fikri's eyes and mine! We only cooked sausages. I've learned a valuable lesson: NEVER host an indoor BBQ. It's better to be safe than sorry! We hanged out until 2 o'clock. Thanks for sending me over to Omar's! Now, I'm awaiting for our Zombie mode! Have a good day ahead, guys! Thanks for reading!

I feel like I'm missing something.

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