Saturday, October 02, 2010

On a good day.

Only a quarter of the class came to school today. I guess most of them have already started their study leave. For example; Mr. Amin Tamrin. Hehehe. I was bored when they made paper airplanes/boats out of used papers under the drawers of the absentees. Amalina taught me how to make the paper boat. I remember making a speedboat-like figure when I was little - even the coned-shape guessing thing where you choose any numbers and eventually choose a colour to reveal the words behind the chosen colour.

So I introduced them to this game I learned to play when I was still in primary. I don't really know what's it called but as soon as they knew how to play, they were addicted to it! Even Amalina and Khairunnisa played along - but it was full of vulgar words that when you connect the words together, it forms a really nasty yet funny line.

I saw you. You saw me. And now we're both happy!

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