Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Waie Saiful's.

The two evil sons of guns, Azrin and Sahrul, woke me up in the morning yesterday. I was still feeling blurry and tired when they phoned me up. I went into my room and waited for Omar to come over because he was following my siblings back home in the same ride.

Suddenly, Waie Saiful texted me up asking me to come over to his place and chill for the rest of the day. I agreed so then I went out - late! First, I picked up Ashif from his place. The next was Azrin who so-called 'showered late'. Amin was already there. We were supposed to be there around 2:30 PM but we spent almost an hour in KFC. The reason why we went to KFC? Not in the plan at first but I thought we were going to pick up Harith from his place but then he cancelled it because he just remembered that he had tuition. So since we were still in Kiulap area, I decided to go to KFC. I was hungry anyway. I offered them a meal each except for Omar though - while we were waiting for our 'fast food', we sat down in the middle of KFC and played cards as if we were some kind of triads or something. Just a thought! Thank goodness we weren't warned by the staff member or someone.

We arrived at Waie Saiful's around 3 o'clock, I think? Sorry if we were late. Tayib also joined in the fun. We watched '28 Days Later' which I already watched with Zul. As it was getting late, Tayib was the first to go home, then Ashif. Waie Saiful, Amin and I were in his studio-like room and started recording. We wanted to record our new song, 'Kisah Terindah Kau Dan Aku' at first but Waie Saiful strummed a melody which caught my attention. In the end, we recorded that song instead of 'Kisah Terindah Kau Dan Aku'. The song is called 'Tawakal'. I will upload it soon for I already have it in my laptop. I just need to enhance the quality and it's ready for you guys to listen. It has been a tiring day yet fun day. Thanks!

& thanks for the correction, Amin!

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