Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ka-ching (Pt. 1)

I was supposed to blog about how I spent my first day of Raya but it seemed that I forgot to. I actually couldn't believe that it was a Friday. I missed both Hari Raya prayer and the usual Friday prayer. Maybe my mind was too caught up in the Raya mood. My maid and driver didn't realize it was Friday - my mom too! Nevertheless, it was a wonderful day to start off the first day of Raya.

Second day of Raya was joyful as well. Waie Saiful needed a ride - so did Harith Waie and Tayib so I picked them up. I'm sorry to Azrin and Omar but the car was full up. The first house we visited was Seete's. I was supposed to go there around 3 o'clock but I woke up late and went there around 4 instead. It was nice to see her. The Chinese lads were there too - along with Amalina and Kirun. I ate alot because I didn't have anything before I left the house. After an hour or so, we took off and headed to Yusree's place. I didn't eat much because I was still full from Seete's place. Nick, Vuili and Omar was there. It's good to see some friendly faces. I thought that was the last house that we were going to go to but apparently Omar called us over to his - so we did. We didn't go straight to his house but to his grandfather's. The house or should I say - the mansion was amazing! The inside looks like the movie, Scarface's and the service was excellent. I'd like to live in something like that one day. 8)

Oh yes! Before I forget. While at Omar's, he called us over to this area where there were Tibiame players from World 3. (Tibiame talk time) One straight line of World 3 players - I think there were about 8 of them and an Indian grown-up who was fluent in speaking Brunei, sitting not far from the players. Since Omar told him that I play Tibiame as well, he asked for my level. I told him that I am currently in level 41 and he scoffed! I was so sure that the players including the Indian are all high levels. It almost felt like I was in some kind of fanclub.

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