Thursday, September 02, 2010

Happy holidays!

Ahh. Can you smell the holiday air? I know I can. The last day of school was exciting and I have no regrets. I even got my PE attires except for Cornwall's because they were missing. That's alright. I'll claim it next term. I got my Geography P1 and scored 25/40. As for Art, I scored an average of 51% in the three papers. I suck so bad in colouring. What do you think about water colours? I'm thinking of changing to that.

Seriously. If I didn't come to school today, I wouldn't have enjoyed the fun that I had with the amigos and Kirah! Thank you. I'll be sleeping over at Omar's today. I can't wait!

Happy holidays, everyone! Start your day off with a smile. I know I did.

Before I forget, I would like to congratulate my Art teacher, Mr. Richard, and his newly wed for their marriage taking place tomorrow.

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