Saturday, September 25, 2010

Strange but funny.

A few hours ago (I think it was around 10:30 PM), I went to a mini store not far from Kpg. Bebatik Kilanas. I was in the car when this old man in a gray-coloured car was trying to reverse his way out of the cramped area. I didn't quite concentrate on him at first until an Indian marched out of the store looking pissed. From there, I saw the old man who rammed a pole of the store twice! It looked like he was doing it on purpose! I think he did once previously before the Indian came out. The pole was slightly bent and the front bumper of the old man's car was damaged. I was scared that he might reverse his car onto our's! When he succeeded in rotating his car around, he just drove off like nothing happened back there. The Indian gave me this 'Wtf-is-his-problem' look and it's kind of funny because he did with the hand gesture. He couldn't be drunk, could he? Maybe he's just too old to drive around at night like that so guys, advise your elderlies to drive safely, not only at night, but whenever.


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