Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day.

I have no regrets for coming to school today! First it was the rose-giving and next was the hyper energy that everyone unleashed in the hall! Even the singing of the National Anthem and School Song was yet the loudest this year. An iqrar was followed after that. The emcees were Natt and Samuel - you guys did your part! There were mostly dance performances and Rirah's acoustic performance. She was really good! We should definitely collaborate next time!

Aisle Of Before wanted to perform as well but we were told that we couldn't anymore. But after the occasion, one of the councilors said that we could have! Damn. We missed the opportunity to show the whole school whoever is in Aisle Of Before! There will not be a next time for this is our last year. I'd like to wish every teacher a very happy and blessed teacher's day! You guys sure have made a difference.

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