Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A new beginning.

After school today, it was my range of index numbers to sit for the English oral. Before we did, 7 of us had lunch at Aminah Arif, Kiulap. The ambuyat was very tasty! - so were the side dishes. Man, I am craving for some right now.

The oral was taken place in the library. I was feeling nervous when I sat to practice for the passage - scared if I got my tongue tied. When Syamini was dismissed, it was my turn to face and provide the two invigilators a decent conversation. They turned out friendly as expected! Before I even started on reading the passage, already they were asking me questions regarding my hair, facial hair and my music career. I nearly broke down but gained confidence. I had no other choices but to give them my opinion. It gotten interesting as they asked about. Overall, it was relieving and better. Better than Malay oral, I presume! Seriously. Good luck to those who are going to sit for theirs.

I went to Qiida's open house. Zul was there and he brought along his siblings, Fizah and Mizah. It was really fun! It felt like I was on a roll with them. I hope I can keep this up because.. I think I am doing great so far, am I not? Hehehe. Fikri and Fathul showed up after awhile. Qida's place was more like a musical school with the piano played - even the violin was brought out! She is really good in the piano. Fizah also looked blurry when she held the violin. E'ot. I was wondering why Afiq didn't show up. I guess this is the start of something new!

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