Friday, April 20, 2012

Saviour Of The Night

Hello! I'm sleeping over at Memet's tonight. Really sorry for not updating that much. Internet hasn't been "available" at my place lately. Broadband, to be honest, is such bore. Besides, it won't work on my laptop lately. I have no idea. (I have probably mentioned this in the previous post, haven't I?) Anyways, I'd like to congratulate Chelsea for winning against Barcelona at the Bridge in the 1st leg of the Champions League semi-final! The 2nd leg will commence next week where Chelsea will travel to Camp Nou to face the crucial Catalans. I hope Chelsea will defend as good as they did during the 1st leg, or better, maybe!

Drogba's goal from a Ramires pass into the box. Tricked 3 Barcelona players!

Ashley Cole = Saviour of the night!

Well, I guess I should really update more so I could share what's happening lately. My birthday's in 3 days. (Just saying. Hehehe!) Thanks for reading, guys! Before I go, let me post the Owl of the Month!


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