Monday, April 30, 2012

Bahrin 3rd In Cross Channel Swimming.


Mohd Bahrin with his prize poses with friends

Labuan - Brunei swimmer Mohd Bahrin Shah Behrom Shem, 19, representing MICIA Swimming Team, won second runner-up in the men's open category of the Labuan Cross Channel Swimming Challenge 2012. Clocking a time of 1:34:57.84, he won a cash prize of RM1500 last Saturday.

The men's open category was won by a swimmer from Sabah with a time of 1:07:57.83. He received a prize of RM2,500. The first runner-up was a swimmer from Labuan who clocked 1:15:00.22 and received RM2,000.

Fifteen participants took part in the men's open category.

The competition is jointly organised by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia and Labuan Aquatic Association in conjunction with Malaysia Water Festival, Labuan International Sea Challenge 2012.

The competition started and ended at Labuan International Sea Sport Complex covering a distance of 5.4km from starting point to return (Papan Island) for both Men and Women Open categories. The Junior Boys/ Girls covered a distance of 2.7km (One way - Papan Island - starting point).

Bahrin who started swimming at the age of five years and been in the swimming scene for 14 years said, "I am impressed and happy with my achievement for this event. And I would like to say thank you to my family and friends who supported me. Not to forget, the MICIA Swimming team".

--Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin


Anonymous said...

wow! amazing. Thank you real supporters.

Anonymous said...

wow! amazing. Thank you real supporters.