Sunday, April 29, 2012

Labuan Made A Difference

Just one night in Labuan made a difference! I miss the place already! Afiq, Bahrin and Aziz were the only ones with me during the trip. It was really an adventure! We had our uncontrollable laughs, long walks, weary legs, our very own GeezPS, cameraman and dedicated athlete. Thing is, all of us lacked sleep - and I bet we still do! I saw a girl who looked ALMOST the same as Lisa Surihani (Her name's Umiyul and she's a staff at KFC. I hope she's still there when I visit again next time. Lol.)

90/10% LIKE THIS!!! I SWEAR!!

We stayed at Avida Hotel. Here's a quick picture of how the room looks like. Ours was a little bigger because we got the deluxe room - more like, sponsored. Hehehe!

Looks nice, doesn't it? The bed and the end table's positions are correct, but the not the curtain and window. When we reached here, we only had less than an hour of rest because in the room because we had to go to the sports complex for Bahrin's registration. We used a taxi, and boy, something funny happened in the taxi. Maybe the taxi driver thought Bahrin was Chinese. He was old. When we reached our destination and we asked for the fare, he spoke in Chinese. I understand a little Chinese, but he spoke so fast that I wasn't able to catch a word that he was saying - maybe "KWAI LE", but I don't think that makes sense. Or does it? Bahrin just gave him RM10 and off we went.

One word: EPIC. It seems like I can't go any further because the rest of the things that happened were exciting! Thanks for reading anyway, guys! I know it sucks that I can't blog about it all during my time there. Maybe I'll update bit by bit sooner or later!

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