Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy belated.

Hi! 1 week has gone by and recently, Aqel (27th May) and Aziz (23rd May) just had their 20th birthdays! Happy belated birthday to you guys! Hope you enjoyed your days with friends and surprises! Aziz spent his birthday at my place playing Killzone 3 together. Guess what? We finished the game in less than 2 days! On Trooper difficulty though, but watch out for us next time, Veteran difficulty. We will come back - HARD! As for Aqel's, on the eve of his birthday, we were at Tamu Selera. As soon as the clock struck 12, we sang him a birthday song! But we didn't stay for long because not many of eX showed up. Nevertheless, yesterday they had a surprise for Aqel. Too bad I wasn't there because me and my sister had belated birthday celebrations for us - plus, a water slide bouncer! It was great! I had great time with my family and relatives!

You know, it's sad that I only update when I feel like it nowadays and have not been visiting my blog regularly. Just so you know, I'm getting my driver's license soon. Right now, I'm waiting for the result of my written test. I sat for it on Saturday last week. Hope I get it!

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