Thursday, February 13, 2014


(I know I've said I'll try to keep this blog alive the last time, but I hope this time, I mean it. Let's start, shall we?)

HI, GUYS! As you can see, I have left this blog for a long time - a very long time. 2 years IS a long time if you think about it. But today onward, I will try my best to revive this blog and update you about what's going on in my little life. Life's been treating me fairly. I had an awesome new year with the people I love. Just keeping it short and simple. I don't think it's too late but happy new year 2014 everyone!

What am I doing right now? I am currently studying in Cosmopolitan and waiting for my results. If I pull this off, I will get my International Certificate in Business. Huehue. At the same time I have been working full-time with a sales and marketing company called Putratec Marketing & Technical Services Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Putratec Sdn Bhd. (No, the company's name does not relate to me whatsoever.) Now I don't know if I will continue to further my studies in Cosmopolitan because I kinda like it here at work already. I haven't decided yet but if I do further my studies, that means I'm prepared to let in a truckload of pressure and stress.

I'm always tired lately. Reason: Video games. Recently, I've just gotten my wireless internet connection installed at home. For the sake of everybody at home. We don't really sit down and watch TV for hours anymore now, do we? We spend most of our time getting busy on our laptops and especially our mobile phones. But thing is, everybody at home is enjoying the internet connection, and I'm happy for that.

I guess I'll end it here. My mind is all jammed up now. I feel like typing down the recent events which happened between me and my fling, but I think I'll just keep it t myself. Thanks for reading!

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