Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Day Without School Uniform.

It was alright. Almost everyone was wearing casual/formal outfits. Seriously, I looked like a clown today. My clothes was half pink and half yellow. Ashif brought his camera to school today and took pictures of Mrs. Mangalam. Upload them as soon as possible, Ashif!

Tayib said I was standing out. Haha.

A promise made between Nick and Mrs. Mangalam

John Lennon :p

I found this photo in Ashif's camera so might as well upload it up here :D

During PE, we played a game called "Hand Ball". Nick thought of it. The rules are simple. It's more like rugby but you get to pass it randomly to your teammates. A few people got injured and got completely mad! Way to go, guys! :D

FIZAH was also looking sharp and cute. It's alright. We're great! (Y) :p

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