Saturday, March 28, 2009

" Too little too late? "

Earth Hour Day is today so we went to Gadong to see what's up. We went there around 6pm and waited for 2 hours! Nothing happened. Gadong wasn't even dark as expected! A little maybe but it was not enough! So we went to check out Bandar. Bandar too didn't blackout. But there is one cafe which supported the Earth Hour Day. It's Coffeebean! I am so proud of Coffeebean for contributing in the event. Fathul said he's proud to work at Coffeebean! Hahaha. I think Brunei is not that supportive. Come on! It is just for an hour. Why is that so hard?

I know you can't see clearly but that is the inside of Coffeebean, Bandar. w00t!

Yeah, after that I went to Zul's place for a while to check out Afiq's guitar to check whether it is there or not. Lucky for us, it is there! Hahaha. Oh! I tied my hair and Afiq took a photo of it.

I look like a girl :)

See you around!


Anonymous said...


I had just written an article on Brunei's participation in the recent Earth Hour for globalvoices online. I'd like to inform you that I've used one of your pictures for the article. I have also featured a part of your post in the article:

I hope you don't mind. Thank you for writing about the Earth Hour and Brunei :) :)

Shiela Edelman said...

Hi =) I would like to inform you that I have used one of your images for my blog on Earth Hour =). I also linked the image to your blog. Hope it's fine. Thanks =)!