Saturday, March 14, 2009

Liverpool was dominating!

The Reds won against The Red Devils! Liverpool brings home the victory and leaves Manchester United in the dirt. Well done to Fernando Torres, Fabio Aurelio, Dosenna and Steven Gerrard. The free kick by Fabio Aurelio was incredible. Van Der Sar didn't stand a chance. Nemanja Vidic got sent out because he gripped on Steven Gerrard's shorts and fell down hard. Very sad, indeed. Congratulations to Liverpool. Manchester United lost at their very own stadium; Old Trafford. (N)

This was when Manchester United scored their first penalty goal.

After the match, we enjoyed ourselves with a little dressing up.

From L to R:- Alaskan Survivor, Great 'Rough N Tough' Rugby Player, Great Socks Superman and KKK.
We discovered something that wasn't suppose to be in Yusree's room..


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