Friday, May 08, 2009

Live long and prosper.

Another Brother's Day Out today and I would like to thank Afiq again for treating the brothers to a movie! We watched the remade science fiction film, Star Trek!

*Doing the Vulcan salute* Live long and prosper.

Wow! I didn't expect the new Star Trek movie would turn out to be so.. epic! (Y) Throughout the whole movie, only Fathul and Fikri were loud! Other people were concentrating on the movie especially Afiq and Zul.


Spock is a half-human and half-vulcan played by Zachary Quinto. I've got to admit, he looks funny with his bowl haircut in the movie. And weirdly enough, Spock looks like Fadhli! :o They almost look the same! Seriously!

Fathul: NERD!... DICK!... FREAK!

I'll tell you this. You can never get absolute silence whenever you are with these guys. They're just straight up crazy! Unless, they get tired or sleepy. 0:)

*Flashing the middle finger* Die and rest in peace.

Err.. we kind of made that up. Hahaha! Oh yeah, we bumped into Fizah, Mizah, Yong, Memet along with his parents at the cinema complex. Goodnight.

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