Friday, February 25, 2011

First interview!

It was crowded at Muhyi's function today. We were nervous especially Amin until he had to go to the restroom. We performed on the front-door of his house and the others were seated respectively in the camps - at the same time grabbing their foods. I thought Muhyi had three microphones - two for the guitars and one for the vocalist. It turned out that there was only one. I went not far from the area we were performing and asked Waie Saiful to strum the guitar. I could only hear a little sound. We were waiting for another two microphones, but Muhyi's auntie asked us to just carry on with our performance. So we did.

We had fun. I hope most of the people there heard our songs, but I'm sorry to say - I don't think they did (maybe Amin's voice), but the sound of the guitars sunk due to the indistinct chit-chatting away. I'm sure the ones seated next to us did. We performed four songs and the list are as follows: Tawakal, Pantang Menyerah, Cinta Bagai Bintang and Pandangan Pertama. We decided to end the performance with our most voted song, but was interrupted because a doa was read out. We didn't mind. Therefore, we ate and went straight to Muhyi's room.

Unexpectedly, Muhyi came in and said that two guys wanted to interview us - Aisle of Before. We were shocked. We even tweeted about it immediately!

#AiOB's first interview!!!!!!!!

It was our first time. I feel like we've accomplished much reaching this far. As the leader of the band - in fact - I feel so happy that we've made it this far! We've made six songs so far. I'd like to thank Waie Saiful for writing such beautiful lyrics and Amin for the vocals. Too bad the keyboardist, drummer and bassist couldn't make it tonight or they could also be on camera - sharing us with their thoughts. My sincere thanks to Muhyi for letting us perform there tonight, one of his family member who paid us for the performance, the people who actually listened to us and the interviewers. Tonight is magical for Aisle of Before! #AiOB

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