Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sini Ada Hantu.

Fikri and I had no transport to go Gadong yesterday. I was supposed to go to the last-minute reunion with the amigos before 1 o'clock. We were stuck at home, but eventually Fikri came up with an idea of taking the bus to Gadong. Somehow, I agreed. I thought to myself:

"No matter what transportation I may have to use, as long as I reach Gadong - safely."

We walked down to the end of the street and journeyed towards the nearest bus-stop which was about a few kilometres away. Along the way, we saw a number 45 purple bus coming our way. It was flashing its headlights repeatedly. We approached it anyway. Fikri asked where they were going and the lady said that they were going to Bandar. So we went in. It was an uncomfortable slow bumpy ride. It was hot. The facilities weren't as good as you think. Half an hour later, we reached Bandar and switched buses there.

In the new bus that we were in, three weird guys came in. As we were departing, they were talking away as if they were the only ones there. They were being random. Their conversations jumped from one to another. Fikri and I were mocking away on our phones. I tried not to laugh, but Fikri was already giggling away. If they knew what was going on, surely we would lose our heads in the bus. We even planned to pretend to not know each other too! Thank goodness they got sick of the traffic and went down early. The bus dropped us off at the nearest zebra-crossing in front of The Mall. From there, we went our separate ways. I then walked over to the photo studio near Ahan Thai's Restaurant to meet the guys. I didn't know what was going on. I thought they just finished eating at the restaurant of something until Harith Waie asked for money to pay for the photo shoot. It was a good idea for them to decide on taking a group photo during a small reunion like that. (Badj, don't forget to upload them. Okay? Even if it takes you three days time!)

After the photo shoot, we went to TFF. Omar, Ashif and Tayib stayed to play while the rest of us went to McDonald's. I got super hungry. I hadn't eaten breakfast nor lunch, but luckily a delicious fish-o-fillet burger saved me from starving. Amal got her deal. Lucky you for us to stop by McDonald's! But it's all good. :)

We went to the arcade after that. I think they spent an hour in the K-box. Bumped into Kilah and Duratul too. Sang a few songs, but I didn't stay for long because Omar and I went down to check out some DVDs. It was getting late and slowly were going back - a few of them were following Omar back though. In the end, I was alone so I texted Fikri up - asking where he was. I got where they were. He was in the K-box with Nieza. I got the chance to sing for a few minutes and after that, they had a movie to catch. I knew I had to tag along because if I didn't, I would be alone. So, I bought a ticket to watch what they were going to watch - Sini Ada Hantu. There were no empty seats next to them so I bought the nearest which was a row behind them.

For me, it was worth the money. It's a horror comedy movie. You could already tell by the looks of it. (Well, sort of) But one thing pissed me off. My seat was taken by a little girl followed by her family in the whole row. Fikri and Nieza's seats were taken too! Good thing we didn't have to do so much to cause a fuss because, we peacefully settled down in our seats.

It has been a tiring night. I feel lazy to blog now, but I'm forcing myself because I want to share with you on what happened yesterday. Sorry if this post doesn't make much sense. Good night to all!


Melodica said...

wers gadong located?hmmm

Haady PM said...

It's in Bandar Seri Begawan, BN. Take a chance to visit it someday!