Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy belated, Brunei.

I am digging my own grave! I've been sleeping late for the past four days now ever since I was sleeping over at Omar's (since Saturday 'til Wednesday). Amin slept over too (on Monday) but only for a day. I know we had so much fun and for the fact that we played zombie mode non-stop! I clearly remember posting up three posts about the rounds we've reached (pictures below). In case you haven't knew, we broke the records thrice! Ahh. :3

Yesterday was Brunei's 27th National Day! I didn't go downtown because I knew I couldn't wake up early. Hehehe. I hope everyone enjoyed their performances and will not forget this annual memorable day. These are some pictures taken by Memet.

Afiq representing MKJB. Go Figgi Boy!

This is a nice shot.

That's my uncle. You know, holding the rapier.

Later tonight, my friend - Muhyi - is inviting us to his function held in Tutong. He insisted on calling out Aisle Of Before to come and perform! I can't wait!

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