Tuesday, February 08, 2011

New stuffs!

I went shopping with Fikri and Fathul today. I bought a new jeans, a new emblem for my necklace, a new pair of shoes, new boxer shorts and a new plain white t-shirt.

I was going to buy a new belt after all those, but nothing interests me. Maybe next time. I even saw Zul along with his friends while shopping for Fikri's black jeans. At first, I didn't see Zul - only saw Sufyan(sp?). I thought he was with his other friends. Turns out Zul was there too! They were looking around the blazers section for their school's prom night or something. Now, I'm just going to stay in Gadong with Fikri for the time being. Fathul has a movie to catch with Malai.

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