Tuesday, February 08, 2011

This is reality.

As you all may know, I didn't succeed in my 'O' level exams. I am disappointed, as well as I'm upset because I couldn't believe I didn't get any credits - especially for my English. I had so much confidence in it, yet I failed. Last night, my Dad lectured me for an hour or so. He explained what life is going to be like in which path I should choose and that I've chosen. He differentiated from right to wrong and knocked some sense into my head. Failing is one thing, but not getting anything is responsible. Then again, I was thinking of not going to school. He said that if I don't, I am digging my own grave. This is reality. Life provides you with many challenges you have to face for yourselves. Your parents are not going to be here forever to help you out in different kinds of ways. If my parents were still together, I won't be in this situation blogging about it. He also said something about needing three things - logic, common sense and reason. I wish I could remember what he had said, Unfortunately, I don't. From now on, I shan't disappoint my parents and will work harder to achieve better grades. We're still young to give up. I regret for wasting such a beautiful year - 2011.

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