Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Hantu Bonceng.

I watched 'Hantu Bonceng' with Omar, Ajin, Harith Waie and Syamini yesterday. I thought it was going to be a same old, funny and scary Malaysian film, but I was wrong. It's so hilarious that I laughed my head off! There were more funny scenes than scary ones. Like, 80% funny and 20% scary. I was familiar with one of the actors, Zizan Razak. I remember when I was in St. Andrew's and whenever we had MIB period, our subject teacher would bring us into the conference hall and watch us a show called 'Spontan'. I'm sure you've seen him before.

Zizan Razak and Juliana Evans

Anyway, yesterday was probably the loudest laugh I've yet to let out in a cinema. Their slang is really funny! I had a great time! Juliana Evans was so... I thought she was playing the good and innocent character. She had the looks of an angel, but the heart of a devil — in the movie, I mean. Ok. But still, you've got to admit; SHE'S SMOKIN'! (I just realized pictures are not that good, but when it comes to acting, they're smokin'.) :(

You guys should watch this movie! You'll probably laugh your heads off too!

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