Monday, September 12, 2011

How've you been?

I am challenging myself to try and not get all sad for a week! I think it's going to be worth it, you know? But I'll see how I'll do. My sincere apologies for not updating much lately. I've been so busy with this and that that I didn't even come close to think about my blog! Well, I just remembered about it and now here I am updating. Anyway, I hope everyone has been enjoying their Raya so far! One thing persists on my mind; don't you feel like this year's Raya isn't much.. livelier than last year's? Man, I miss last year's Raya! But the past is the past. All we can do now is just cherish those memories and relive it sometime when we're woolgathering.

Two weeks to my orals. I had my orals today and I enjoyed it! My topics were about my hobby and whether I like photography or not. I do like photography, but I don't intend to take another step further into it. I love those beautiful scenery captured by photographers all around the world especially coloured ones. I mean, like, you get to see the unseen. Know what I mean? Pictures captured at the right moments. I think photography's one of the good choices to enroll in. Too bad I'm not interested! Anyhoo, I think I did pretty well with my oral! The English teacher even said that it was excellent! He also said that I used some great words. I hope I can do better when the real deal comes! Thanks for reading, guys! Take care!

Ok. It's only been 3 days since my last post? Seriously...? Zzzzz...

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