Tuesday, March 22, 2011

100 Facts About Me.

100) I love the colour blue.

99) I prefer Coke over Pepsi.

98) My favourite kind of owl is the barn owl. -@Kikikirah

97) Electronica is my favourite music genre.

96) I am traumatized by cockroaches. Therefore, I hate them.

95) ‘Holes’ is my all-time favourite movie by Disney.

94) I can bend my fingers right down to my palms.

93) I make music in a project called ‘The Forever Bird’.

92) I am fond of boxer shorts with cool designs on them.

91) I didn’t finish Ugama school. (Stopped in primary 2)

90) I don’t like to eat durians.

89) All of my songs composed are based on my feelings while making them.

88) I adore Jessica Biel!

86) I love to climb about.

85) I am right-handed.

84) I twirl my hair round my finger when I feel bored or while thinking of something.

83) I think a lot before I go to sleep.

82) I eat fast.

81) When I’m alone, I sleep on the mattress on the floor instead of the bed.

80) I wanted to be a paper boy when I was little.

79) ‘Higglytown Heroes’ is my favourite show on Playhouse Disney.

78) Most of the time, I order fish-o-fillet when at McDonald’s.

77) I talk to myself when I have problems – sometimes.

76) I prefer collared shirts over t-shirts.

75) I am a heavy sleeper.

74) I wear my jeans to sleep.

73) Although I love to play the drums, I usually play guitar more.

72) I sucker punched a tree once in 2006. (That’s what caused #94)

71) My dad created my first e-mail. The password was from Brunei’s sponsors.

70) Sometimes, I go through a day without showering.

69) I used to sleep with dolls after watching Toy Story – hoping they’d come alive.

68) Owl City was one of the best things that had ever happened to me.

67) I want to grow a goatee.

66) I’ve always wondered what would I be doing when there’s a zombie outbreak and where I would be.

65) I believe everybody deserves a second chance.

64) I rarely wear short pants.

63) I first learned how to swear from watching South Park.

62) I’ve worn spectacles since 2007.

61) Pandas are my favourite mammals.

60) I think of the scene in my head, but I end up not doing it.

59) I want to become a computer whiz.

58) Fikri is the longest friend I have ever had. (Been tight since kindergarten)

57) I tell a bad dream so I hope it won’t ever happen.

56) I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to have a big brother/sister.

55) Hersheys Cookies and Cream is my favourite chocolate.

54) When I was little, I thought watering a seed would make it grow instantly.

53) I want to learn how to speak Japanese and French fluently.

52) I love to drink ice lemon tea.

51) I kind of like to play dress-up.

50) I didn’t know how to play poker until last year.

49) I don’t like it when something becomes overrated.

48) I’ve never been in a fist fight.

47) I love The Sims!

46) I want to shave my head, but I don’t have the guts to!

45) I care too much about peoples’ problems than I do about mine.

44) I used to play a pretend game called ‘Like A Soldier’ with my cousins.

43) I got the name ‘The Forever Bird’ from Diablo II.

42) I believe in the quote: ‘Good things come to those who wait’.

41) My first prom was in 2007.

40) I wonder how it would be like if I was rat-sized.

39) I mimic people at times.

38) I love RPG games. Interactive mostly.

37) Nurul Hafizah is my best friend.

36) I have a bad habit of sleeping late.

35) My first phone was the Nokia 2100.

34) I don’t like my step-father ever since he set foot on our home.

33) I don’t like dancing.

32) I play football and is in a team called Cobra F.C.

31) I do not own a PS3. It’s actually my brother’s.

30) I often look myself in the mirror.

29) I love cuddling.

28) I cut my own hair in the bathroom once.

27) Out of the four seasons, I prefer winter.

26) I would like to learn how to play the harmonica someday.

25) I love Smosh.

24) I’d want to live underwater.

23) ..of April, 1994. (D.O.B)

22) When I’m in the dark, I’ll always think that I’ll be safe – only for a short while.

21) I love crème caramel!

20) I think Pacman was one of the greatest game ever invented!

19) I don’t like skinny jeans.

18) I am proud to be a Muslim.

17) I have a wild imagination.

16) I hate the Scream mask.

15) I love meaningful songs.

14) I believe that I have foolishly spent $100+ on cigarettes.

13) I prefer crayons over colour pencils.

12) I have Japanese and Scottish blood.

11) I want to go back to ’07.

10) I support Chelsea FC!

9) I really like my nicknames given by my family and friends: Bado, Haadz, Abadi.

8) Proud to be in the Brothers which consists of Fathul, Fikri, Afiq and Zul. (EST. 2005)

7) I hate Math.

6) I don’t give up so easily.

5) Sometimes, I sleep with the music on.

4) I want to go to Seattle, WA.

3) I’ve been smoking since 2005.

2) I’d love to see the constellation in the stars one day.

1) I prefer daydreams over reality. -AY

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