Sunday, March 27, 2011

RIP beloved spectacles. (2006 - 2011)

It has been a great day at the beach with eX! + HPIGO. I met up with the people I haven't met for a long time. Afiq couldn't make it because he had big problems to deal with according to what Fikri said. Even the barbecue was well-prepared! Thanks to whoever was in charge of the grilling. Only one problem: I lost my beloved spectacles. It all started when..

I went down with Fikri and Fathul. Eventually, met up with Malai and Nieza playing with the waves. Fikri and I took off our sandals and got in the water too -- pushing ourselves through the strong waves. There was one wave I didn't notice. I had my eyes elsewhere when this strong wave knocked me down. I was helpless and when I got back up on my feet, I didn't realize that my spectacles were gone. I rushed back to the water, hoping for a miracle that it would wash it back to shore -- but to no avail. This incident has triggered stress in me because that "oh so very precious" spectacles has been with me for four long years. Now, it's gone just like that. I should've not gone down the water with my spectacles on. Well, time for me to buy a new one. Here are some pictures in memories of it:

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