Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Monster Energy.

Monster Energy

Is the font visible and green? Or it's just a normal green font? Lol. Anyway, I've been seeing the Monster signs everywhere nowadays. Bumper stickers, caps, t-shirts etc. Even Fikri, told me that there were even Monster drinks being sold in Tutong. It has been merely a week since then. Today, I finally got my hands on one. In fact, two tins. Blue ones even! Nieza was our means of transport. Thanks! I asked the shopkeeper how it tasted like. He said it's a mixture of Redbull and KukuBima. == Whichever way, it sure must be extra sweet. Fikri even said that only a maximum of two tins are to be consumed. More could lead to overdose. I dunno. One tin cost around BND6.50. Unbelievable! I'd rather buy three bottles of Coke. Unfortunately, I got tempted and bought it anyway. (6) Not going to drink it soon. Maybe..

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