Monday, March 07, 2011

Newly weds.

Happy 15th Birthday to my sister, Mu’izzah Mahari!

You have been a very good sister. Although you could a pain in the buns sometimes, but all i all, I still love you - just the way you are. Enjoy today with fun filled with laughters and joy!

I'd like to congratulate my auntie who just got married last night at the new Grand Banquet Hall. Since my family is kind of busy with their thing, I attended as a representative. I wish they were there to meet all my other relatives. Anyway, the place was off the hook! They even got Coffeebean to come down and serve the loyal guests with their delicacy. Just so you know, Fathul was there to help out! Hehehe! I'd like to thank Ashif for being my transport of the day. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be there to enjoy the whole function! There were a couple of my uncles who were surprised to see me - Yes, with long hair. I'd better go and get a haircut as soon as I've received a call from SOASC. Rosemary was there as well! She introduced me to her guy, Ghazi and his friend, Wafiy. Nice to meet you both! I followed Ashif home and chilled over for awhile because his brother wanted to watch Liverpool's match against Manchester United - who didn't get to watch the whole thing because we waited long for Mr. Tayib to show.

Congratulations to Liverpool who won 3 to 1 in Anfield today with Dirk Kuyt scoring a hat-trick. Impressive! Better luck next time, Devils! I'd also like to thank Haziq for sending me home 2 hours ago. Well, I'm off to watch Dollhouse S1. I just exchanged this with Lie To Me because the first disc wasn't working.

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