Monday, March 14, 2011

Cobras on the go.

First of all, I would like to welcome Frank Lampard whom is new to Twitter! Hehehe!

I thought he already had a Twitter account just like some of the rest. For instance, Gael Kakuta, Didier Drogba etc. but oh well.

I had totally forgotten to blog about yesterday's great game against Vuili's church mates, Jaguars F.C. They hadn't enough players so some of us volunteered to shed some skin for their team. To make it fair, some of theirs also joined us like Ryan and Gian. (Yes. That's what it said on the back of his jersey. No joke.) As what Vuili said, we showed good sportsmanship. I'd say we played one hell of a friendly game filled with laughters! The scoreline was:

Cobra F.C. 6 – 4 Jaguars F.C.




Michael Shie


Andrew James


Dennis (PEN)



I've no idea about the time, but I think I placed the goal scorers correctly. We could've added more to the score, but the ball got blasted far deep in the bushes by one of the youths so we decided to call it a game. Ashif, somehow, felt unwell in the middle of the game. I think it's because of the energy drink that he drank too much! The others were just fine. Maybe Jai got a LITTLE excited on the field despite the oles he had gotten. Before I proceed, I'd also like to welcome our new player to Cobra F.C. - Ruizaini Muhamad. I hope he commits to the team just like everybody else! He moves good. He has got the skills and the speed. No doubt. The team is reviving. I can feel it..

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Anonymous said...

actually our team name is jaguars football club thanks. Michael