Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hi. I'm bored so I thought maybe I'd post the currently trending topic on Twitter: #10ThingsIdRelive - with description, of course!

1. How I met my best friend, .

Hmm. I would actually want to relive this because I miss all the sweet memories we shared back during our high school days. We got closer in Form 3 with old pals, Amalina, Hanisah and not to mention my west coast friend who is currently in New Zealand, Vinesh! Things got rocky with the guys back then, but I'm really grateful for what we are right now.

2. My unforgettable 15th birthday.

My 15th birthday. If I'm not mistaken, I celebrated this very day at Excapade when I was still in good terms with my ex. Lots of people were there. I spent about a mere $100, but it was all worth the cash spent! The food was delicious! Ok. Now I'm craving for sushi. Anyway, we had our jokes and laughs. The Brothers were all there. Also, this was the first time Zul introduced Qida to us all. After dinner, we watched a late movie, Coming Soon. Ahh. I remember Afiq crying during/after watching the movie. Nonetheless, it was a great day! Say no more. SAY NO MORE~

3. Last moments with my beloved paternal grandmother.

I wish I could've spent the last moments with her, day and night, even though I still had no idea people can leave us sooner or later. Maybe - just maybe - be there in her warm arms when my dad would get angry at me for something I did. The lyric sheets of a song from the old P. Ramlee series that she wrote for me when I asked for. The goodbyes me and my dad always gave every time we took off from the place after a weekly visit. I miss you, grandma.

4. The unexpected evening when mom and dad, somehow, quarrelled.

I'd rather not describe about what happen but you guys can picture quarreling parents. I just wish this didn't happen - at all. If it weren't for this, we wouldn't be like this and would still be one big happy family. But things change and so do we. We just have to accept the trials given by Allah SWT. Alhamdulillah for where we are and how we're doing right now.

5. Lovely SAS Prom Night 2010.

This was the best night ever! I asked my ex out to prom and to my surprise, she said yes. I still remember that lovely gray dress she wore, her sweet smile and the conversations we had. Though she was shy, I still think I was there for her throughout the night. Thank you for a wonderful time. Let this be behind us, yes? ;)

6. The day I started smoking.

I regret for doing so. I would still be the clean non-smoking guy I was back then. I was easily influenced and didn't know the consequences. I wish to stop though, but it's going to take a looooong time it seems.

7. The undeserving moment that brought us right where my family is right now.

A man with pure stupidity caused this. If I didn't stick my nose in, we wouldn't be like this. At least I managed to let out what had to be said and got 'em off my chest. If you're so good at getting angry, don't get angry at someone who did the right thing. You were wrong and you have to admit that.

I'd rather not describe about numbers 8, 9 and 10 because these involve my ex. It's quite personal, I guess. Lul. Sorry to say, but you guys wouldn't be interested in hearing it anyways. So to end this post, I wish you all a good morning! Have a good sleep! And selamat berpuasa. A few days left 'til Raya! SO EXCITED ALREADY~

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