Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sungkai/Hang out.

I forgot to blog about yesterday's brilliant sungkai/hang out with the guys. We had it at Swensens. We were asked to pick between buffet or a la carte. I was going to pick the buffet side, but to be honest, the food didn't look too delicious. Amal brought her "new friend", Mateen, who tagged along with us. He looks like a good guy to be friends with. Expecting more from him in the near future. Khairunnisa was with, as usual, Wadud. I had Chicken Baked Rice and Lemonade for my sungkai. The meal was worth the money spent rather than the $15 buffet. I am only able to find one fine candid picture of us. We should take more pictures next time! :(

I saw Rawiza when we were walking around the ground floor. She was with two friends. It was nice to see you - twice. Hahaha! Kin was there too, but I didn't see her. Maybe she was small that she was hidden behind her friends. She said that she saw me. Well, 'til next time!

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