Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy holidays!

Today marks the first day of our 3rd term holiday, if I'm not mistaken. Less than two weeks to go 'til Raya. I'm stoked! But at the same time unhappy due to our November examinations. I've got to pull up my socks!

Anyway, here I am staying up late playing Texas HoldEm with Omar and Harith Waie. My first time seeing the little guy play. I've been playing back some old games on Facebook lately. I was bored after sungkai so I decided to play The Sims Social. It is addicting. Reminds me of CityVille because of its bouncy rewards after it has completed doing something. Eventually, SOMEONE updated her tweet!

I don't know what has gotten into this girl.

These are from our recent poker games. Hahaha!

I swear that the guy next to Omar is drunk. This is the reason why. Check this out:
He has been betting all ins since.. kazillion rounds. Look at what Stephen had to say. Hahaha! Well, he's finally out now. So is Stephen. Anyhoo, Poker is still on!

To end this post, I just want to say happy holidays, guys! Wherever you are, wherever you are going, please do take good care and enjoy! I hope to bump into anyone of you in the near future when I go, like -- to the outside world. Ok, no. Cheers! ^_^

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